Let’s begin with something new

To celebrate the year of the Rooster I’ve given my website Sacred Feng Shui Design a complete rejuvenation … YAHOO.

Everyone who has enjoyed my website and appreciated the amount of information I’ve shared won’t be disappointed. The information is still there, it’s just easier to find. The new, streamlined version of Sacred Feng Shui Design will help me reach and teach as many people as I can.

It’s very important to remove all obstacles and clutter from the entrance to your home and this principle is just as important for websites. Less can sometimes be more, simple is often more functional and clear communication is invaluable.

Feng Shui is a wonderful tool for wiping the slate clean and starting fresh. It leaves you facing the right direction – which is towards your goals, whatever they might be. This new project confirmed so much of what I knew about the value of creating a place that nourishes and supports your life – even if that place is in cyberspace.

Some exciting new features to explore

I’d love you to experience some of the new features on Sacred Feng Shui Design.

On the home page, you’ll notice a video in which I introduce you to some of the main features of Feng Shui.

Essential Feng Shui

You can also download a free copy of my pdf, Essential Feng Shui. It contains comprehensive advice based on my many years of training and experience. I believe applying the tips I’ve provided in this booklet will bring positive change to your life.

Contemporary new blog design 

I’ve very excited to present my blog in a new design which will be much easier to read and more engaging. From now on I’ll post a new blog every second month and share important Feng Shui-and-life information and experiences.

Please come over and visit now

It’s taken lots of work and perseverance (doesn’t everything?) but I’m very pleased with the new website and the momentum it will bring to everyone who wants to create a better life.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and please leave a comment below.

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