What can I do to create a more peaceful home during COVID-19

I got a call from ABC Radio Sydney recently to chat on their evening lifestyle program. ‘Did I have any suggestions on how people might improve the energy inside their home to bring a little more peace and harmony back into their lives?’ God knows we’ve all been feeling stressed during this pandemic .

On a metaphysical or energetic level your home holds and stores your emotions, luck, hopes and dreams, in short, your story. So think about the emotions that have built up in your home during the lockdown?

Fear, worry, anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, helplessness. Your home has turned into a pressure cooker of negative emotions.

Energetically clearing your home at least once a week will definitely help reduce the tension and create a more harmonious living space. It’s best done when you have some time alone (so you can focus), perhaps when the rest of the family or your partner has gone outside for some exercise or grocery shopping.

  1. Open all windows and doors.
  2. Put on your favourite CD. It can be meditation music, sacred music or even something that makes you want to dance. Remember we want to uplift the energy, so a bit of disco would be fine too.
  3. Grab a smudge stick, incense or sound took like a singing bowl or a bell and walk around your home visualizing all the negative energy being flushed outside. If you don’t have a singing bowl or incense, you can clap your hands, or use your children’s or grandchildren’s musical toys (drum, xylophone, rattle, flute etc). Sound is very effective clearing spaces because it works in waves, causing the air to vibrate over long distances.
  4. When finished, take a moment to sit in your newly cleansed space and focus on what type of positive energy you want to fill your home with. Love, joy, good health, financial prosperity, romance, peace, the list is endless .. you choose.
  5. Remember to close all doors and windows when finished.

Stay safe and may the road ahead be easier.

Carol of Sacred Feng Shui Design