Lighting the Eye of the Dragon

On a recent trip to LA, I had the honour of meeting Dr Wu, the author of one of my favourite feng shui reference books ‘Lighting the Eye of the Dragon’. The painting you see above shows his time spent in spiritual education at the White Cloud Monastery.

Dr. Wu runs his Beijing Chinese Medical Center in Santa Monica and is now perhaps better known by the general public for his work as a Chinese Medical Doctor specializing in acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, Qi Gong healing and Qi Gong training.

For those of you unfamiliar with his book, ‘Dr Baolin Wu was raised from the age of four as a ward of the White Cloud Monastery in Beijing. The White Cloud Monastery is China’s oldest and most central repository of Taoist knowledge, with an unbroken secret oral tradition stretching back over two thousand years.  Under the direct supervision of his teacher, the Ancestral Grand Master of the Dragon Gate Sect and the Chief Abbot of the monastery, Dr. Wu received a complete Taoist monastic education over the course of forty years and and became, among other things, a Feng Shui Master’.

Dr. Wu waited 20 years before revealing the secrets of Taoist Feng Shui and only after Dr. Wu’s teacher gave him permission to do so.

here I was in private audience with the Master,

learning more of the ancient secrets … how lucky was I

Taoist Feng Shui as practiced by Dr. Wu uses the I-Ching and colours to interpret and solve the feng shui of a place.  He is also able to read the energy of a place by looking at the clouds, the rocks, the soil and the birds – what he calls the ‘Elements of the Five Forests’.

I’ve used one of those methods myself – cloud reading, to gain more information on the energy of a place for my feng shui, geomancy and space clearing consultations.

Here’s one of my favourite examples.

Before visiting one of my new clients, (as I always do), I sat in my car observing the shapes and forms in the surrounding environment. I clearly saw the face of a man lying down in the shape formed by the clouds.

I felt from that ‘sign’ that an older man had been sick in this home and possibly died there.  To my surprise and amazement (I’d only just began using this technique) this was confirmed by my client.

I took a photo of the clouds that day.  Can you see the side view of the man’s face and body lying down?  Some people see a dragon.

On that fascinating note, I’ll leave you to linger on the magic of Taoist Feng Shui until part 2 in which I’ll share more detailed advice I received from Dr. Wu.

I’d love to know what you see in the cloud photo I’ve posted. Do you use this form of divination yourself? Please post your comments below.