Moving to a larger home can affect your feng shui (and your life)

From my experience as a professional feng shui consultant for over a decade, people are often very happy and successful in their compact yet somewhat cramped living spaces, but when they upgrade to a larger home due to a growing family, the need for more space, or the desire to entertain and impress, things change.   

Moving into a bigger home can have a significant impact on your life, based on some interesting feng shui principles

Besides the obvious fact that the feng shui of the new property will be totally different from the feng shui of your old home creating new opportunities and challenges (based on the different facing directions and build dates of the new and previous property), if you choose a home that is too big for your needs, it can lead to substantial areas of the home not being used.  What’s the problem with that?

Your home (or apartment) symbolically represents your life and the occupants. Like your physical body, your home is the symbolic body that contains your life story, represented by the 8 feng shui sectors also known as Compass Directions. 

SouthFame and Reputation – middle daughter

South WestMarriage and Partnerships – mother or dominant female

West Children and New Projects – youngest daughter

North WestHelpful People and Support – father or dominant male

NorthCareer – middle son

North EastKnowledge & Self Improvement – youngest son

EastFamily Relationships and Health – eldest son

South EastAbundance – eldest daughter

If you have a spare room, junk room, a formal living room, or any other rooms that are only used on special occasions, this will lead to inactivity and stagnation for the person and the area of life that is represented by the particular sector or compass direction that room falls in.

As an example.  If you have a spare room that falls within the South West sector of your home, it will have a negative impact on the mother or dominant female living in the home, and a negative impact on the marriage and partnerships of all the occupants of the home.  Mum will feel like she lacks motivation,energy and drive, and partnerships of all kinds will lack lustre and feel like hard work. Who wants that?  

Even worse, once your Flying Star Chart is drawn up by a professional feng shui consultant, you may have the Fortune Star sitting in one of these spare, junk or formal rooms, so financially you’ll feel like you’re going nowhere.

When you lived in your cozy and cramped apartment or home, chances are every part of that home was being used, thus every person and every part of your life was being activated and stimulated.  

The same feng shui principles apply to a business. The new business takes off and does really well in a small space. Then they grow and move to a larger premises, and soon business starts to slow down.

My advice: Think carefully before upgrading, don’t over expand, don’t bite off more than you need. Bigger is not better!

Hire a professional feng shui consultant who’ll advise you how to decorate and best use your home to suit your goals and dreams, your unique circumstances, and help you make the most of your life.

Wishing you an abundance of blessings for the holiday season, Carol 

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