The benefits of indoor plants

From a feng shui perspective, healthy plants energise a room, prevent chi from stagnating and attract positive energy and emotions. But did you know, research has proven plants are not only emotionally uplifting, they can also absorb harmful chemicals and improve indoor air quality in your home or business? Make your home and office a…

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Number 4 and Feng Shui

IS THE NUMBER 4 BAD FENG SHUI This is quite a hot topic and needs to be clarified from a feng shui and numerology perspective. The number 4 and anything that adds up to 4 doesn’t have bad feng shui OR bad karma. The number 4 is considered bad luck because it sounds like the…

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Let’s begin with something new

To celebrate the year of the Rooster I’ve given my website Sacred Feng Shui Design a complete rejuvenation … YAHOO. Everyone who has enjoyed my website and appreciated the amount of information I’ve shared won’t be disappointed. The information is still there, it’s just easier to find. The new, streamlined version of Sacred Feng Shui Design…

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